Love letter from a G. By: Theia Orchis

Beautiful, voluptuous, he held you &
made love to you with extended foreplay, French kissed by the galaxy\'s golden star
Of rich melanated royalty decent, oh what astonishing beauty this is that captivated my eyes & mind from afar
Are you a cloud goddess intending to rain on me or reign blessings
Cuz child I lost my common senses when I seen you & baby I got a confessional question,
You wanna be the queen of hearts or the queen of body parts?
Not to be offended my lady, You can be both for me. I would humbly accept. I wanna study you like a book,
Like you reeled me in from the deep dark Pacific\'s on a fish hook
My apologies for coming on to strong,
Something rare to cherish, feels too right
I don\'t wanna be wrong!
I will wrap your heart in the finest royal purple satin beneath a True King\'s armor.
My sweet chocolate snicker
It is but a dream you don\'t give my love away to no other nigga.
Not to be tossed like a softball
Hold it close & firm til time to release unto me abundantly, not some but all
I\'m new to this romance thing, this can\'t just be a euphoric dopamine rush! Be mines! Can I have you maybe?
If not at least save the last dance for me baby!


By: Theia Orchis