It Does Rain

Does it rain when angels cry...?

Or do the clouds weep for those who can\'t?

The clouds weep for those who can\'t...

Or won\'t?

Or fear to so gravely?

Those whose pride will not let them be seen...

Committing such a treason.

Those whose constant weeping left...

Their eyes dry of all emotion.

Tears can no longer fall and

Pain is lost on them.

Maybe those like me, whose...

Heart is in a constant storm

And so cold and dark that...

No crying or weeping can escape.

A barren, cold, and dark place

So cold all tears...freeze inside


And icy cold.

It rains when angels cry...

When their beautiful faces

And caring embraces...

Fail...and they look to the sky

And down from those clear eyes

Blue tears slowly fall.

Staining their beautiful faces dark

And clouding their clear eyes grays....

But wait....

What if the clouds weep for some other reason?

Some sort of....treason?

Against human kind

From one human to another?

Or maybe it rains....when a child cries?

Innocent faces stained with tears.

Those who know no sin...

But know Pain all to well

Agony a constant friend...

And an only friend

Those who\'ve been hurt their whole...

Lives, so lost...

Those whose lives have been severed?

Cut so short by others

Even if they did it themselves...

Is was still the fault of others...

Cruel, cruel others...

Those lying, poking, prodding, hurting...

Pushing, shoving, slowly killing....

Those long forgotten?

Trying to find something...

So many others take for granted.

A life someone will remember

And all they can do is wish that

Someone would care enough to notice

Them....for who they are.

Whatever the reason...

The clouds weep so darkly...

So coldly upon us...

They always will and

It\'s hard to enjoy a sunny day

Without a few rainy days.

But when the sun is up...

And the colorful flowers show

Earth\'s happy smile.

(And I\'m not saying don\'t enjoy it.

On the contrary, enjoy it more)

Let\'s remember the rainy day

When the dark, heavy clouds

Reflected someone\'s heart and

The rain was someone\'s tears

Either shed or unshared

Either known or hidden.

Remember whom the clouds were weeping for.

Forever and always it will rain

For every tear a drop of rain

And it does rain...for every crying angel

Or lost spirit

Or life cut short.

For those who think they are forgotten

And those who\'ve been hurt.

Maybe sometimes they weep for you

And you may not even know it.

It does rain...

Forever and always.