Lost Soul.

I\'ve lost myself in the desert of wandering thoughts and over thinking.

My mind is trapped in this maze I built unknowingly and now, I barely know what\'s going on around me.

But You, You did not notice,

You did not ask questions.

Each time we have a talk, I can\'t even force myself to laugh at your jokes. I keep wondering, how did I get here?, how did we get here?.

You should know me more than anyone, more than I even know myself because that\'s what love is. Right??

But still, you did not notice,

You did not ask questions.

Most nights, I cry my eyes out, I can\'t sleep, I\'m scared of sleeping because when I close my eyes, I am drowned in the sea of my nightmares and there are no boats, ships or even an island, where I could escape to.

And you\'re not even by me on nights like this. You seem close but the truth is, you\'re so out of reach.

But you did not notice,

You did not ask questions.

Today, I am sitting in the living room, thinking of how it all started. What went wrong with me?

Turns out it\'s also my birthday and there\'s absolutely no one, not even you.

Then, this creepy smile creeps to my face and I pick up the knife. Nothing matters anymore, all I seek now is a journey to everlasting rest.

I slit my wrists and say my last prayers...\"God, please forgive me. I just ask for peace.\"

My last thoughts before I\'m enveloped in eternal darkness, I hope you notice,

I hope you ask questions even when you would never get answers.