High School Yearbook

I found my high school yearbook
Buried in a box of memories
Flipping through the dusty pages
I saw the face that lights up my dreams

There you were so young and handsome
I was transported back to another place and time
You smiled at me with sparkling eyes
And I how I wished you\'d always be mine

Back then I was your favorite person
When life was mostly carefree
We had so much fun, listening to AC/DC
You loving parties and motorcycles
While vice principals with more rules than brains
Tried to tame our wild souls

Your future plans thinking they included me
In hindsight, I think you didn\'t know
I would have followed you anywhere
But you left me behind
You got your farm somewhere far away
With someone else living my dreams

You were right, life did go by fast
But I hung in there
And I kept on
I still think of you sometimes
And wonder if you ever miss me there