Dr.Suryaraju Mattimalla


Once up on a time

Long, long ago

When Isaiah Berlin is alive

When John Rawls is alive

I used to fly freely.

I am a freedom butterfly.

I am a liberating butterfly.

I am a plural

I am a liberal.

But now

I lost my wings.

After liberty and justice are gone

Liberty lost its freedom.

Freedom lost its liberty.

But I still

Hope for life and liberty

Even though there are 100 million

100 million parasites

Social parasites

Economic parasites

Political parasites

Religious parasites

Peaceful parasites

Human rights parasites

No land is free from them.

No place is safe from them.

Everyday invasion

Everyday colonization

Everyday doses of fanaticism

Every day hunger for wealth and power

Labour becomes their adda

Conservative became their adda

Lawmaking became their addition.

They cut my wings.

Wings of liberty, freedom, and justice

Everything is according to their doctrine.

Every judgment is derived from their veil.

Whenever I lost my freedom wings

I am brainwashed by politically correct ideologies.

That we have to show tolerance at the cost of our freedom and liberty.

At the cost of our lives and deaths.

I lost freedom, liberty, and justice.

With the invasion of 100 million veils and beards

When I asked for my safety

It is always

Tergiversation, prevarication, and indecisiveness