cyriac maliakkal


She was quietly lived in an
tuneless sound in her summer
Cremated her past days.
Her stooges had come to
brought her words.
Boiled the palatable mouth.
She went to the church and 
recieved her total baptism.
Yesteryears were compared 
with tarnished days of today\'s.
Heard the two sound counted
with squelch and splash.
She didn\'t return from her 
Her furnitures, utensils all
were covered with dust 
All were went with numberless.
She couldn\'t count her sweet days.
Memories had got the ugly fees.
Turned from her holiest mouth.
Surprised by the  beggars\' eyes .
A few darkness was ate the 
sun rays 
cured their cancer 
All all were not got to baptism
at early.
If she eaten the sun rays!
what should ber her form?
If she could have recieve her
She wound not have stand .
against the light 
Her days were covered by the
shame days.
She hide her face among the
oleander land .
Heard the sound of cracks.
there appeared a wound.
She was ugly in the sunrays;
Solar eclipse penetrated through
her eyes;
It had gone into blind.
Her baptism had only the memory
she couldn\'t see the eclipse in
her surrounding life.