a couple footnotes


im tryin to see if i finish another 20 page chapbook


then sneak is thin

an inch is in

transition is trinsition




1 The Watchtower


Embryos and fluids

More sez smoke than a Buddhist

Not such a bad idea have the nudists

Never has Alicia Silverstone looked so clueless


2 The Fall


A bright sun comes out with its heat

Then, a cool breeze

On Howe ave, nana\'s place

Frosted Flakes

They say that time\'s money but really I\'m just tryina waste away


3 \'08


Peers all smokin\' weed

Talks about how fun it\'d be

Just turnin\' 16

Google then sneak

About the 10th session later, lit deemed

Gettin\' hooked a bit seems

Somewhere to smoke, not too but



4 August


16 years old, shoutin\' and screamin\'

A head full of dreams dreamin\'

The sun beamin\'

Sweat off of skin steamin\'


5 Open Letter


Enough mistakes made

Seemin\' to relate fades

From the old ways, change

For what have may placed


6 Lost


There\'s the bridge, to the right

Just over a hill, a cold winter 3rd Ward night

It\'s dark but a bit lit

A snow storm with an inch

Not too many but just a few people on their way

Not too late

On such a lost path

All that\'s left behind\'s so sad


7 Hope


Nothin\'s permanent these days

Not countin\' on much besides tryina get paid

Never\'s known whatll go which way

Love blind without feelin\' betrayed


8 No Love in the Heart of Town


Hot summer day

Fetty Wap heavy rotates

Done pretendin\' to find a God charades

Besides feelin\' not havin to try, nothin\'s changed

Jumped in 1 after another place

Robbed different ways

Just lookin\' for that hazy summer lake, under the tree shade


9 Sunset


Frequencies and wavelengths

Through certain rivers human waste fish

Grassland swamp gasses on the way out the Secaucus train lift

I guess for what time\'ll forget to say, you shouldn\'t\'ve waited


10 Texts


Your skin\'s got tanned more than a bit beige

Past this time before we\'ve stayed

It\'s already dark

A mess my room and head are

I\'m just layin\' down in bed

The air conditioner\'s to the coldest set

My phone plays music that I\'m listenin\' to on my chest

This heart pumps the sqwak\'s of seagulls at sundown but you could feel the stress

Then as well, the smallests of moments spent\'ll carry on in our steps

A couple of flashbacks stuck of what you had said

I reach for the chilled water and receive a notification of 1 of your texts

We met the loneliest of nights in a cold winter

Those summer vibes have been \'er

She\'s a girl just like you but brown

Ever findin\' her I\'m not sure of in my small town


11 Anime


Iriko dashi in the air from a miso soup steam

On a table\'s unsweetened green tea

Black wave curl locks shag on tan skin

Black, a bit round and square frames tipped over half shut brown eye\'s lids

A light grey hoodie and burgundy joggers transition from Osaka to skater fit


12 Skateboards, Weed and Rap


\"Yo, yo, it\'s the cops, run\'s!\" not what I ever tried to hear

Gettin\' busted for somethin\' so mere?

How times wasted findin\' better deals, you\'d think it took place by the piers

Now, it\'s not so much of the dream it would be, that it\'s near