cyriac maliakkal


The touching land,the touching 
The world and the touching   
Beings on this evaporated land.
The men were full of aberration
From the ideal truth.
Everywhere there was a question
Between its cause and un cause.
The paragon of glazing globe that
Nothing could be emerged.
Touching of beings on every place
Slothful deed at the coath of soak.
The sobriety of the men ;that was
Touching to the global man.
His cloour was on the sight of
The untouchability of the stone.
There was verbose of stoned 
The despicable stoned predicaments
Was on the move of tempest.
Never touched at top of globe.
Verbose of being never touched
The land with coath 
The free world never touched the
Ideas of beings.
Un coath ideas or spirituality
Of ideas is supreme and fine 
There is giant gape no evaporation
Of lands.
Picturesque world is the freed 
Never seen the any stoned threats 
That was fallacy and despicable.
The handling of free ideas as which
As freed.
Let make this world as handsome