She is just out of reach 

So i must try to breach

The defences she\'s built through the years 

She\'s so obviously scarred 

Never lowers her guard 

Wears a smile to hide heartbreak and tears 

She should shake it all free 

How I wish she could see

A door opens for each that slams shut

Her mistrust runs so deep 

She can\'t dream without sleep 

Finds her feelings through flesh with a cut

She has told me some guy 

Took the glint from her eye

As he altered the beat of her heart 

She had given her all 

She still waits for his call 

Can\'t accept that they\'ve grown apart 

I\'ll step back let her deal 

Hope her wounds quickly heal 

Be on hand should her call come my way

Such a beautiful sight

Blinded by her own light 

Still in mourning though finding her way