She asked him if he had a light 

I have he said to her delight 

And reached into his pocket for the flame 

Her strangely dyed unnatural hair

Warned any bold enough to dare

To ask her for her number or her name 

She gave his arm a thankful stroke 

Then bounced a little as she spoke 

I\'ve asked six others none could help me out 

My bus is overdue I\'m late 

I\'m not quite sure how long he\'ll wait 

Forever going by that bone jangling pout

The horror he tried to disguise 

By closing up his tell tale eyes 

Was felt by every soul for miles around 

His hands had done the rounds to find 

An emptiness that filled his mind 

The promised spark was nowhere to be found 

He turns on heels to walk away

The echo from her it\'s ok

Left every nerve end screaming for a guide 

His saving grace a local shop

The standard goods for readies swap 

She had a smoke while waiting for her ride