Introverted Sage


I could say I didn’t see it coming - but that would be a lie.
I have felt it closing in - sight upon the high.
Missing every beat - purposeful shift of the feet.

~But you’re still there.~

I would be a fool to think - I was the one in control.
Unheeded messages - beginning to take its toll.
Everyday doubt - blinds ability to see.
I’m reminded by the way - this isn’t me.
Relieving darkness - inside my head.
Waking pieces - from the dead.

~But you’re still there.~

If I understood it all - this would be over right?
Eyes wide open - staring at the night.
Head to the clouds - heart to the ground.
Dicrotic waves - filling the sound.

~But you’re still there.~

Velocity attracting - sing a new creed.
Sinners have a past - life shifting on a breeze.
Calm the fears - creeping in again.
Pieces of me - leaving with the wind.

~But you’re still there~

It’s not as violent - of an upheaval anymore.
Visually stimulating - masses with the lore.
Nothing can be - without cost.
Which way are you going - if you’re already lost?

~But you’re still there.~

Staying under the lights - only fools the self.
They all can see - what you keep on the shelf.
No light without dark - no in without out.
Selling false secrets - biggest mouth gets the clout.

~But you’re still there.~

Electrifying dulled flames.
Still holding heads of shame.
Shells for the souls - still wandering the grounds.
Touch the waves - swimming in the sound.
Filling the noise - with colors of the spectrum.
Miss the beat - collect the breadcrumbs.
Higher moments - closing gaps of time.
Organize the messages - flooding the mind.

~You’re always there.~