A lost man as a final act 

Decided he should form a pact 

The king of evils shadow caught his eye

Quick as a flash his form appeared 

The horns the fork the fire he feared 

An image most won\'t see until they die

A voice formed in the deepest hole

Demands to know what price your soul

The earth shook from this thunderous release 

The mans request take me to space 

I\'d love to walk once in a place 

Inhabited by worshippers of peace 

No one gets dragged out of their beds

No chopping off of human heads 

Where people don\'t live rough upon the streets 

A paradise untouched by drugs 

Where handshakes are replaced by hugs

And marriage means that no one ever cheats 

Where children never get abused 

The devil shook his head confused 

When scrolling through his targets lengthy list

Although the universe is vast 

Someone had stumped old nick at last 

Your soul is safe that place does not exist