His reign of terror\'s stranglehold 

Saw fresh first love succumb to mould 

Light dims when covered by the cloak of fear

A heart as delicate as lace 

Has long since lost it\'s resting place 

Her innocence will never reappear 

Another jumpy nervous day 

Part of the price she has to pay

For letting feelings overrule her head 

He\'ll stroll home in an hour or so

Put out her aura\'s golden glow 

Demanding she become a whore in bed 

She\'ll run his bath and cook his food 

Smile softly asking are you good 

Hand over the remote and lose control 

Blood curdles underneath her skin 

Alone no friends or kith n kin 

Keeps moving to avoid being swallowed whole 

The time had come to make a stand 

Acquired poisons grace her hand 

His favourite meal is taken from the shelf

The butt of all his filthy jokes 

Waves goodbye as he slowly chokes 

Her love returned this time it\'s for herself