cyriac maliakkal


They made all evils for their love
A love that was stained with crimes
But they could not get their results.
They had taken their all adroitts
For the their frenzy love.
For the success of their love affairs
Thrived their adroitts.
The crime it was happened,and among
all the crimes of them.
There was a criminality for love.
A love could slaughter one life.
There was the lost of the lover\'s
nearest blood
Breached the principles of love.
A girl  who was sent into  blame
She lost her father by her rigorous
She lost her father by her vulgar
The crush it was a crux to her life.
A love of crime hanged in the 
soul of lovers.
Her lover who was good in crime
who slurred his love into crime.
She gave up her father by soul for
her love.
She lost her father by her hard love.
By her vulgar love it had stolen her
father\'s life 
The prime of their love nothing 
And the oomph of the love was crime.
Their love usually quarrelled with
composed hearts 
A whimsical love affair and worst
They couldn\'t bring their love at