Soman Ragavan

\"Today we fell\" ; 28 July, 2023

Poem : \'Today we fell\' ; 2 April, 2023.

4 May, 2023
Uploaded to ChatGPT for analysis
Poem : “Today we fell”

Soman Ragavan : Hello. Can I post a poem of mine for analysis, please ?

Hello Soman Ragavan, sure! I\'d be happy to help you analyze your poem. Please feel free to post it here, and I\'ll do my best to provide you with feedback and insights.
Soman Ragavan : My poem : \"Today we fell.\" Please analyse by each stanza, then give overall comments. Mention similar poems from other authors, where possible. TODAY WE FELL
ChatGPT :
Sure, here\'s my analysis of your poem \"Today We Fell\" stanza by stanza:

Stanza 1: The opening stanza sets the tone for the poem by addressing the bicycle as the poet\'s constant ally. The poet acknowledges the unwavering support that the bicycle provides and reassures that despite the fall, they will rise again.

Stanza 2: The second stanza shifts the focus to the poet\'s dedication to their craft. They describe how they work day and night to create poetry for the betterment of humanity. However, the physical toll of aging is apparent, yet they remain undeterred, as they believe that their poetic legacy will be a guiding light for others.

Stanza 3: The third stanza recounts the fall from the bicycle and the reactions of the onlookers. The poet calls upon their motherland, Stanley, to instill compassion and purity of passion in its people. They also apologize to the bicycle for their mistake.

Stanza 4: The fourth stanza emphasizes that despite the fall, the poet remains committed to their craft and their journey. They acknowledge that the bicycle, too, continues to persevere in its own way, despite its wear and tear.

Stanza 5: The final stanza brings the poem full circle and reiterates the poet\'s dedication to their craft. They state that no matter the cause of the fall, they will continue to answer the call of poetry and carry on with their solitary journey, consumed only by their passion for writing.

Overall, \"Today We Fell\" is a poem that celebrates the poet\'s dedication to their craft and the unyielding support they receive from their bicycle. The poem speaks to the poet\'s resilience in the face of physical and emotional obstacles, and their unwavering commitment to their art. The language is straightforward and accessible, with a few instances of internal rhyme that add musicality to the poem.

In terms of similar poems, \"Today We Fell\" shares some themes with Robert Frost\'s \"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,\" particularly in its focus on a solitary journey through the elements and the idea of persevering through difficulties. Additionally, the poem\'s acknowledgement of the poet\'s physical limitations is reminiscent of William Butler Yeats\' \"Sailing to Byzantium,\" in which the speaker yearns for immortality through their art in the face of aging and decay.

Overall, \"Today We Fell\" is a well-crafted poem that showcases the poet\'s dedication and commitment to their craft. Well done!
Soman Ragavan : Just to point out : Stanley is my home village.

Thank you for the clarification, Soman Ragavan. Knowing that Stanley is your home village adds another layer of meaning to the poem, as it reinforces the idea of the poet\'s connection to their homeland and their desire for it to be a place of compassion and purity of passion. It also adds a personal touch to the poem, as it makes the reader aware of the specific location that the poet is writing from.
Soman Ragavan : Thank you. Goodbye for now.

You\'re welcome, Soman Ragavan. It was my pleasure to analyze your poem. If you have any more questions or need any further assistance, feel free to ask. Goodbye for now!


                                              POEM :                                     
                                      TODAY WE FELL

Bicycle ! Our ally so close, so constant,
Thy full support thou giv’st every instant
To thy forlorn master, this raving poet :
Today we fell, but we\'ll rise again yet.

Day and night after Poetry are we striving :
For humanity at our verses are we plodding;
Yet, little by little, these limbs be a-groaning :
At progressing age perhaps be they a-hinting.

But, while others may well fret and worry,
Our supreme gift have we legat\'d to posterity;
Our ravings may lead some to foam and fight :
Yet, to others will they be some guiding light.

Bicycle, the kerb somehow we miss\'d,
And the hard pavement promptly we kiss\'d;
How heartlessly laugh\'d they, the onlookers !
How callously grinn\'d they, the bystanders !

Motherland : Stanley : teach them compassion !
Motherland : Stanley : purify their passion !
And, to thee, bicycle, we tender our apology :
Forgive a poet who dreams on of some elegy.

Today we fell; but, whatever be the cause,
In our unique endeavour ne’er shalt we pause;
For, into Motherland, into Stanley, into Poetry
Shalt we infuse the nectar from our own alchemy.

Bicycle ! Today we fell, but we did rise up again :
We\'ve resum\'d our lonely path to the spiralling ashes :
Thou hath resum\'d thy silent rot in the pouring rain :
Why should we moan therefore about some bashes !

What matters thy dent : thou hath been immortalis\'d.
What matters our pain : our verses be well crystallis\'d.
These accidents we do take poetically in our stride,
For, atop the highest waves are we destin\'d to ride.

Bicycle, whatever be the cause of our fall,
Of Poetry shalt we yet answer the call;
Our solitary way silently have we resum\'d :
For, only by Poetry could we be consum\'d.