He dived in with his usual haste

A layer of almost toxic waste 

Though bitter he\'s acquired a taste 

Hypnotic femme fatale 


A gauntlet run brings many blows 

Her handcuffs come with ribbonned bows

She brought him heat the night he froze 

Hypnotic femme fatale 


She has the spice to keep it cute 

Her orchard offers varied fruit 

A six inch high stiletto boot 

Hypnotic femme fatale 


A teller of the tallest tales

Hot needles under fingernails 

Purrs with her old cat o nine tails 

Hypnotic femme fatale 


A shield to block a life so tough 

The games she plays are all so rough 

He still could never get enough 

Hypnotic femme fatale 


Applies her love with so much force 

Her radiation poisoned course 

Won\'t let her go despite divorce 

Neurotic femme fatale