Chief Justice


we cry justice
but injustice is our deed
crying doesnt make a difference
fighting does

fight for justice

Respect is earned
justice is fought for

may not be a concern
then ready for judicial dumsor

injustice in the grave
is injustice on earth
for such end is all men

sometimes laws forget
and needs reminding
to be fair, just and impartial
not to compare, mask and raise mafias

justice is not an act of God?
we need to adapt and change
be in relation;adopt to attain


Justice is an action
against all inhuman factions 

justice is a fight
fight for it
justice doesnt come by itself 
demand it
and let justice summon

make justice chief
or betterstill chief \'justice\'
nevertheless the paramount

For injustice yesterday
was injustice tooday
and injustice today
is injustice tomorrow and foreverMore


(TIKTOK): cofhypieces