A sensory system

 with a complicated power supply

a computer for brain

it can simply be switched

on and off

blood doesn\'t flow through veins

  staring into nothingness

without any thoughts whatsoever

behind eyes, just the soul of computer

tangled in wires and circuits

yet genius

peaceful, restful

she cannot feel grief

nor the daily disappointment

that I myself have to embrace

she could never feel her broken heart

her eyes unable to flow tears

her mind silent to all the ugliness

an enormous part of me

wishes I was her

and as I watch her I tremble


I am convinced her robotic heart

wants so desperately to beat

If just for a moment?

to feel any slight emotion

at least, that\'s what I imagine


and If I’m really honest

 I tremble, because

her artificial intelligence

and lack of feeling

just makes me feel so damn envious.