Bobby O

Blessed to Share

Blessed to Share
Unpredictably and driven by grace unbeknownst to me
I challenged the gods of serendipity by chasing truth unselfishly 
Good Souls of honor who sought not personal glory             gathered with purposed thought 
A true and blue American story 
Trailers of food and shelters built 
Doctors donated meds and healing skills 
A clothing drive also fills gladdened hearts 
Downtrodden now Unforgotten with tools for brand new start
Tear filled eyes amidst newly found smiles accentuated this day worthwhile
Splendid Aura that exceeded our aim 
A blessed Reward more than all could claim 
Praying impulse to Share 
Be not quite so Rare.                 Joy full cries filled the air           This day of hope and less despair  Bobby O