Garth Rakumakoe

When Love Dies

Hurt, is the fostered child of love

born at high sea

in the winds of August

Hurt lived to tell the tale

Hurt, is the surviving third degree burns

from holding on tightly

to love\'s burning flame


Tragic; the eternal optimist, love is

Love is ever promising

- despite everything -

Love, is its own worst enemy

Love dies believing

in what could have been

Love dies in hope, love itself

dies holding on, oftentimes

never letting go, love dies

of a broken heart


It\'s a sad day when love dies

from unmet expectations

of two people with good intentions

arteries beating assumptions

opaque selective disclosures

and jealousies hard to reconcile

each shaping the other

like pieces of clay

for we both felt we loved

and saw things the same way

yet love dies in different colors

in both our eyes, that have come

to see culprits in each other

where you and I once flew

a bright kite we called love


It\'s a sad day, when love dies

for even in the September rains

love dies a thirsty rose

riddled with thorns, bearing 

little to no petal;


May the good coming rains

wash all hurt\'s tears away