Saxon Crow

Thank you

It\'s in the quietest moments that I feel your closeness
The embers of my weakened heart warm to your presence
Your soft whisper inside my ear
So intimate and personal
Tells me that you are here.
I turn to see you but you\'re not there
But you remind me how to look for you
Passed all the worries and the fears
And it\'s, ah there you are. 
God, thank you for your guidance
Within you I know I am home
You know me better than anyone
Even my poor wretched self
I don\'t know why but I know you love me
I know you are watching over me patiently and silently
And so I pray to you
Just to get close
Just to know that you are real
Just to feel your love and compassion
And all I can say is.........
Thank you Lord