She can\'t hide 

From the snide 

Who reside 

By her side 

So puts on a brave face every day

He lost pride 

In the bride 

Who\'s beginning 

To slide 

Ever closer to further away 

Drunken sip

Unhooked clip 

Teasing strip 

Bitten lip

No one mentioned how good she could feel 

Adult fun 

Scorching sun

Is now cooking 

A bun

All her fantasies feel very real 

He moved on 

Crack of dawn 

Offski gone 

Tried to pawn 

Her possessions to fund his escape 

Head held high 

Muffled sigh

She will try

Not to cry 

There\'s a couple of lives to reshape 

Over nice 

Melting ice

Is the price 

Once or twice 

To be paid for the heat of a thrill 

Gentle shock 

That a talk 

Could unlock 

The roadblock 

He had bypassed with minimal skill 

Still afraid 

Her bed made 

In the shade 

To persuade 

Everyone that she\'s doing so well 

Inner glow

She won\'t grow 

Still the star 

Of the show 

And the reason we all stand in line