Witches brew

She was cool didn\'t care

Had a stony cold stare

That went through any sight she\'d behold 

With a lick of her lips 

A quick shake of the hips 

She transformed from copper to gold 

In an instant she\'d strike 

Have his head on a spike 

How he savored this bittersweet pain 

And when done of the floor 

She would open the door 

Sent him out to get soaked in the rain 

She had taken her fill

Smoked a joint popped a pill

Cast him off like he didn\'t exist 

Left alone with her head 

She just curled up in bed 

That\'s another one chalked off the list 

In the morning she\'d rise 

To a massive surprise 

He had waited all night for this bitch 

But she threw him that look 

It was all it had took 

Never mess with a hungover witch