Fully formed hanging low

Swallowed up by the glow 

Overcome by the pull it possessed 

He felt changes inside 

Soon unable to hide 

As the moon did it\'s worse at it\'s best

An unquenchable thirst 

Heart a beat from being burst 

Mass assault on his senses and frame

Rolling eyes find a hold 

Turning yellowy gold 

As the beast stakes his ownership claim 

Hunger pangs bring a chill 

As he feasts on a kill

In the bone yard his temporary lair

Saturated in blood 

Husky coat caked in mud

The result of his predatory flair 

All alone with dead deer 

Something pricks up his ear 

It\'s a howl and he haunches his back 

Running wild in the night 

A spectacular sight 

Makes his way to the rest of the pack