L. B. Mek

VoilĂ  ! here I am, here We be


Voilà !

here I am, here We be


(“Sometimes, as I drift idly on

Walden Pond

I cease to live and begin, to be.”

from Walden, by David Thoreau)


This, one of life’s surreal moments

Most will recognise

In a kitchen, stilled

Waiting for that microwave to ding


Time itself demeaned, to a mirage of irrelevance


Meandering thoughts, suddenly hijacked

Intercepted, by unhindered awareness

Inadvertently life’s present, now unveiled


Enticed by Nature’s voraciously ubiquitous, vitality


A nature I know is too busy, to take notice of me

These birds, trees and sky-draped aliveness

And I musing upon such wonder, a window removed


Looking-in, this outsider status a common theme


I belong to a sense of self I never grew in-to

Every morning I await a realisation of oneness of self

A maturity to offer me peace in my own skin


It has been this way, I fear it will ever be this way.


That we forge out of a need to belong

Yields, fruits as a sampling of selfhood

Yet we dwell

Within social contracts devoid of worth


What is lineage, legacy or posterity


Fallibility’s red button, can annihilate


Nuclear family, without provocation!


A three day butterfly, saunters

I rejoice in its unperturbed effervescence

Symbolic of summer’s last hurrah, August

Flowers strutting one last time


Timelessness is gleaned in such small details



It is our now, we must cherish

Like that butterfly

Like those flowers

Like our very next meal


I look up and anchor myself

Within a gust of wind

I too am magnificently ephemeral


We, all

A part of existence’s chaos

We, all

Belong to that, meaningful



A ding, a sigh and a gifted smile

Breathing, blinking, walking, eating

There is beauty in our mundane


Voilà! Let it be

I’ll be a witness

To my worth

Ink these words

To remind us all


There is value in our struggle

In simply seeking, our peace

In realising

Those precious moments, free

From challenges n distractions


We must remember

Try, to never forget

Before it’s too late…



© L. B. Mek

August 2023