Bag that matches her heels 

Low cut top that reveals 

Just enough to add class to her style 

Make up lightly applied 

In the mirror she sighed 

As she hadn\'t been out in a while 

Had it all in her hand 

Queen of fairytale land 

When prince charming rode in for the kill 

Swept straight off both her feet 

Lands amongst the elite 

Seeking even a momentary thrill 

Oasis free of charge 

Or a costly mirage 

Shiney trinkets and baubles stone cold

In a flash he was gone 

From the Ritz to the pawn 

Looked upon as the crease in the fold 

One message heaven sent 

From the one who was meant

To share every emotion and fear 

If it isn\'t too late 

Readjust twists of fate 

When the heart sees it all becomes clear