With the world as my oyster wings spread out to fly

As the sunset slips off of a picturesque sky 

In a life full of wonders that money can\'t buy

All that is missing is you 


On mount teide the stars all appear within reach 

A mauritian horse carried me over his beach 

On the shelf with a well rehearsed marital speech 

All that is missing is you 


Ancient Egypt entranced me I took my first dive 

Compressed air in the red sea to keep me alive 

Took a trip out to Lisbon to see a band live 

All that is missing is you 


In Manhattan I climbed up the empire state 

I was guilty in Paris of staying out late 

In the city of lovers alone with no date 

All that is missing is you 


Now I\'m back in my homeland it\'s where I belong 

No distraction will weaken a memory so strong 

I will travel again so it won\'t be too long

Until all that is missing is you