Please don\'t answer my heartbeat now sounds like the crack 

Of the whip used to peel all the skin from my back 

No more tales about how you perform in the sack 

Close your legs and try opening your eyes 


Keep the pictures it took you so long to prepare 

Where your hand slips inside your new silk underwear 

Feeding frenzy of sharks on a chocolate eclair 

Fantasy titillation and lies


Time to stop throwing all of your toys from your pram 

Every window\'s been smashed there\'s no more doors to slam

Forming ripples in all the deep waters you swam

Seeking innocent natural highs


I had took her all in even asked for some more 

Almost handed her keys to come through my front door 

Even old fools eventually wise up to the score

All that heat was just frost in disguise 


She has settled again and is doing so well 

If the clock\'s really ticking time can\'t help but tell 

I would say it was magic but know I can\'t spel 

Her spark met my combustible skies