The full moon set her beams loose 

To dance on the sea

Shooting stars fell to earth 

After winking at me 

Gentle waves kiss the shoreline 

Who\'s passionate plea

Brought a tear to my red bloodshot eye 


It\'s a sight to be shared

As I stand on my own 

A sharp intake of breath 

A quick snap on my phone 

Nature\'s majesty sings 

Memories lower the tone 

A storm forms in my red bloodshot eye 


When she left all my demons 

Raced out of their cage 

Leaving only a shell 

For a fireball of rage 

A thesaurus reduced 

To a blank empty page 

Stained by tears from my red bloodshot eye 


An emotional cripple 

Who\'s broken his crutch 

Hollow fingers unable 

To feel what they touch 

When you\'re left with so little 

It all seems too much 

Seeing life through my red bloodshot eye