In the realm of dreams, we strive to reach,

Beyond the stars, where aspirations breach.

With each step forward, we aim so high,

To touch the heavens, where dreams can fly.


The journey\'s tough, the path unknown,

But with determination, we\'ve grown.

Through challenges faced, we find our way,

To grasp what\'s distant, come what may.


It\'s not just distance, but goals we chase,

The will to succeed, our inner grace.

To reach for greatness, to find our peak,

In every heart, the potential\'s unique.


With hope and courage, we stretch our hand,

To bridge the gap, to understand,

That in the quest to reach our goal,

We find the strength deep in our soul.


So, never cease to dream or strive,

With every effort, you come alive.

In the pursuit of what you beseech,

You\'ll find the power within your reach.