My demon died when he was full 

Two thousand at the funeral

All cast thier angry beady eyes at me 

Snarling they growl almost as one

Dark thunder clouds obscure the sun 

The storm I thought had cleared is here to stay 

Lust pins me with her six inch heels 

Greed urges it\'s ok to steal 

Pride asks me what will happen if I\'m caught 

The demon drink bowls through the door 

Shouting abuse hitting the floor 

Envy turns green unhappy with her lot

A lightbulb moment helps me see

This ain\'t for him they\'re here for me

Wrath bellows out to claim me as his host 

Mortality for he who wins

The poison laced throughout my skin 

Turns lost tormented souls to would be ghosts 

I favour some above the rest 

That jealous cunt\'s a fukin pest 

And hatred loves being out to freely roam 

The blood fest it was just for fun 

They all belong to only one 

Smiling they signal time to take us home