Brutalized by the beatings she takes in her stride 

Make up on she\'s perfected playing maid to the bride 

Body language that\'s speaking in tongues as a guide 

The girl with the far away eyes 


Welcomed into the world with a slap on the ass

Too far gone to acknowledge the stone in the grass

Feeble freedom attempts headed off at the pass

Taken in by those far away eyes 


An angry whirlpool of pain 

Invites her to release the strain

Scratching an ever itching vein 

Tears stream from her far away eyes 


From the frying pan into the fire then grill 

Almost choked on the new favourite every day pill

Welcomes would be assassins hell Bent on a kill

The girl with the far away eyes 


Like a tigress she fought her own corner and won

Almost mortality wounded by damage he\'d done 

Her once obsolete smile flashed itself at the sun

The girl with the fiery eyes