You helped at first gave me the lot

A spade to bury you know what 

Adding a little numbness to my pain 

Which drink will you pour me today 

What drug takes me further away 

From horrors ripping lumps out of my brain 

I\'m sorry are you losing track 

My moods swing to the moon and back 

Crash landing on the closest loved ones head

I do talk when I isolate

There\'s no one coming it\'s too late 

I\'ll play some death by duvet in my bed 

Come out now coward let\'s all see

What takes complete control of me 

Destroying hope whilst pissing my dreams 

Emotions shielded by your code

Brought on my latest episode 

The one where nothing\'s ever as it seems 

A fukin giant I should have known 

I\'d no idea how big you\'d grown 

You hold the ace with every other card

You\'re out now though and have been seen 

My cut it shall be slowly clean 

Until you catch me once again off guard