With the new year one hour and ten minutes old 

Bold as brass met his match with the purest of gold 

Put her hand at her back so that he could take hold

Of perfection in every way 


His sweet nothings had moved up a notch in her ear

Then she smiled as the fog in his head became clear 

The first kiss saw the world and his dog disappear

Momentarily light years away 


It was virginal pure radiance in her eyes 

Butterflies took control fireworks filled the skies 

He proposed there and then and much to his surprise 

She agreed they should soon name the day 


Throwing open the curtains in her family house 

With the tigress disguised as the timidous mouse 

Guests and family supped Smirnoff and downed the odd grouse 

Arguing over what vinyl to play 


A heart knowing no bounds satisfies every need 

Cut her open it\'s nothing but love she would bleed 

Her abundance snatched at by his unnatural greed 

The first sign of victim and prey