Despite his inability 

To gain some credibility 

The one eyed man became king of the blind 

His throne was made of solid gold 

All marveled at the stories told 

He painted little pictures in the mind 


He would speak of the sun

How fast cheetahs could run 

How the fluffy dark clouds brought the rains 

Twinkling stars in the night 

An eagle in full flight 

Soars majestically over the plains 


As is usually the case 

Laws were put into place 

Paradise not enough on it\'s own 

His intention and goal

Was to somehow control 

Those still willing to stand all alone 


A challenger both brash and loud

With vision standing tall and proud 

Had seen the chains and offered up some keys 


Confidently he\'s setting his sights on this man

Talent hits all the targets that no one else can 


GENIUS hits those that no one else sees