L. B. Mek

It’s not ok, it will NEVER be alright!


All of this, opportunistic backlashes

From modernity\'s toxic feminism, that’s

In-itself a warped

Betrayal of actual suffragette feminism

Has social media, full

of Spineless boys striking back girls


No! It’s not a reflection of your 


No! It is never alright to strike

A girl of any age

Even, in retaliation

No matter her militant attitude

or levels of Provocation…


If you’re a man, and not a coward

you must learn 

to manage confrontations

In different ways, to match 

Individually differing situations


Violence must always be a last resort

Because only one type of violence 

Solves a problem

When one of you is dead!


Every other type of violence 

Intensifies and escalates a problem

From mere incident, to out of control

From war to a never ending

Generational travesty


Since violence, almost always


A continuous cycle of more




we have ‘soldiers’ parading

Naked civilian woman

As their war crime trophies


That’s how depraved

we Can All become

When caught-up in a cycle

of retaliatory Violence…


So we must all learn, observe

From the Real men, around us

Heed our societies wise lady’s

Understand those minutia nuances

In their decision-making process


Those life defining choices they make

Even, when reacting in an emotionally

Heightened state


Take note of their deescalating skills

Try to comprehend

Why they walk away from situations

That seem uncomplicated at first glance

Imitate how they calculate in advance 

How those seemingly, straightforward

Situations, can easily get out of control

If their actions inflame the real issues

Rather than deescalate and manage them.


It’s not ok, it is NEVER alright!

To resort to violence

and take a Coward’s way out!



© L. B. Mek

October 2023