Imadaddin Nasimi

Imadaddin Nasimi


Imadaddin Nasimi, the poet-philosopher, is one of the founders of the divan genre in the history of Azerbaijani and Turkish literature. He wrote his works in three languages (Turkish, Arabic, Persian) in the genres of ghazal, qasida, mustazaad, tarji-band, rubai and masnavi. Nasimi skillfully combined the Aruz, a genre of Arabic poetry, with Turkish poetry. Ghazal is the leading genre in his creation.

He deeply mastered the classical Eastern and ancient Greek philosophy, as well as literature, the basics of Islam and Christianity, medicine, astronomy, mathematics, logic, etc. His creativity has had a great impact on the entire Eastern literature since the XV century;

During his lifetime, his works were widely spread in Azerbaijan, the Middle East, Iraq, Minor and Central Asia. The works written by Nasimi in the native language had a strong influence on the development of Azerbaijani poetry, including the works of such great creative figures as Shah Ismail Khatai, Fuzuli and Vagif.

The poet, who showed an inclination towards sufism in the early periods of his creativity, later followed the hurufism, which was founded by Naimi. The expression \"Two worlds can fit into me, I cannot fit into this world\", stated by Azerbaijan’s immortal poet Nasimi, is the core based all his poetry on the idea of the inner desires of a man and his subconscious abilities.

According to the decision of UNESCO, the 600th anniversary of the great poet was celebrated all over the world in 1971.


The world is no fit place to live. O soul, why linger there?

Be not deluded by the world’s dishonest wiles, beware!

The days are never standing still and life goes swiftly by.

O perspicacious ones, of this condition be aware!

O pilgrim, not eternal are the blessings of the world.

Renounce the world, remember that its wealth is but a snare.

If you are loyal to your love, for your beloved’s sake

Go pawn your soul, renounce your life, for sacrifice prepare.

O God, my heart is lost amid the darkness of her hair.

Transform the night to day for one in such a deep despair!

Since beauty’s epoch is today apportioned to your face,

O you who are the last temptation, work a wonder rare!

If you, like Moses, Imran’s son, have met this fire divine,

Its splendour show me and explain the burning bush’s glare.

Since life is five days only in the dwelling of the world.

Courageously destroy the world’s foundations everywhere!

Nasimi, you have learned about the one with almond lips.

Tidings of one whose lips are sugar take to all the fair!


Your resplendent features are the source of light.

Your sweet words like springs of Paradise delight.

Sun and moon and Jupiter in heaven high

Draw their light from your fair face’s taper bright.

By your charming eyes Harut was with Marut

Hung in Babylon’s deep well. It served them right!

To your feet the heavens humbly bow their head.

Angels are your guardians all day and night.

Satan ran away, refused to honour you.

So he bears a yoke and cursed is his plight.

Essence of Creation is the precious pearl

And of this fair pearl you are the essence bright.

It’s the breath of Jesus brings the dead to life,

But your breath raised Khizr and Jesus to the light.

Your face is a looking-glass for the devout

And in it he takes continual delight.

In the sea of love Nasimi is a pearl.

He who shuns the sea is either fiend or sprite.