I didn\'t know I could love

Hello, rest of my life
You scared me once
Now you call me \'wife\'
My simle held by your thumbs

Hello, my forever and always
My art, my heart
Finds rest in your embrace
You\'re silent for my part

Hello, promise by fate
Made to me, while symphony
Payed in the backstage
My voice is yours williningly

Hello, in this live too
Stardust n my veins
We\'re here through
Same coincidence, freed chains

Hello, my dearest future
I knew you\'d find me
Others found you sooner
It\'s the last time, it\'s we

Hello, my soft heart
Conformation I can love
Something not too hard
Yet I always had to bluff

My love, my love, say do you mind
If I tell the hole world my find?
I love you, yes i do!
And I sleep well, you love me too