Canto; In a Summers Sleep

canto; in a summers sleep

singing solstice

out of key

forming memories of cluster

in constant stream of deluge

crowding all who shadow stern release;

behind the shrine

bending with a willow on the vine

stands erect

our purpose green


darker than the black rose of a song;

above the all

no summer ever long enough

to curtain ties of heat to a frozen sprog;

this earth and all who dare to dwell within

tradition now a blur on tainted skin.

lilac gold

now colder than the knuckles of a face

staring down

from a chimneys smoke in the twilight of it\'s youth

bitter sweet

aging with the sugar on it\'s spine;

where goes

so shall I follow

a hunchback to the garden 

where meets old flames as once we were

two dust-bowls desert bound

me, her horse

she, my lizards tongue of crepe de fleur;