Reconciling Remembrances

Tune: The Supreme Sacrifice

(\'O valiant hearts\')

Romans 5 v.6 -11 parts


Peace, can it come to such a world as this?

Be possible to restore Eden\'s bliss

Before man sinned, and then brought in the Fall?

Christ has made a way, salvation for all


For when we were without strength, at right time

Christ died for the ungodly in life\'s rhyme

For hardly for a righteous man will one

Die, or for a good man, yet Christ God\'s Son


Yet through Christ, God His love to us commends

His Son to us redeem, sure He Him sends

\'Tis in this, that while we were e\'en sinners

Christ died for us, atonement us confers


For in remembering offerings, sacrifice

At this season, most of all Christ sufficed

His life, the holy one, for sinners gave

To bring us to God, reconcile and save