Peace, Protection, Prayer, Praise

Tune: Coe Fen

(\'How shall I sing that majesty?\')

Parts of Psalms 121 to 126


I will lift my eyes to the hills

Quiet, peace, my heart stills

From there comes my help, from the Lord

I trust His living word

He who has made heaven and earth

I praise, give Him His worth

He will not allow your foot to

Be moved, will you renew


Pray for peace of Jerusalem

City of peace, Salem

They hall prosper that do love you

And seek your blessings true

Peace b within your city walls

Prosperity in halls

Of your palaces, they shine bright

They are glorious sight


Our soul is escaped as a bird

Teh Lord our prayers has heard

We are escaped out of the snare

That enemies laid there

The snare is broken, we set free

To spread our wings and be

People who live, and our help in

The Lord, through Him we win


They that trust in the Lord shall be

Strong as mount Zion, see

Which cannot be removed, but stays

Abides to endless days

As the mounts around Salem are

So the Lord is not far

From us, but round about us is

For ever, we are His


Thurn, O Lord, our captivity

As streams in the south be

They that sow in tears, they shall reap

In joy, a harvest keep

They that go forth weeping, bearing

Precious seed, they shall sing

Rejoicing when they do return

With their sheaves, their hearts burn