Thank You Dear Friend.

I\'m about to tear out the veins that run through the bowels of my heart with my own claws.

The pain that I feel at this moment is so great, that I want to devour my brain with my own fangs, without thinking about the horror; Horror that my flesh has been possessed, by the indiscriminate suffering, and through no fault of my own I am the only debtor.

Screams are my cries, tears are melted mercury that crack my face, aging it prematurely,

In the whirlwind of pain that afflicts my sadness, I hear the voice of my dear friend who tells me:


It is okay to cry and regret,

you have to let the sorrows out to begin to delight;

You are a rare soul!

No doubt about it!

And one day you will be rewarded!

I promise you!

You\'re not alone!

You have my hand!


                     I  answered in tears:                                                                      

Your words has been always valuable to me, I can feel in my reasonable madness, that you are authentic and love me harmless. You are always with me in laughter and sadness.

I take your words true and I take them into account, to raise my head  up and walk again with security and cerenity,

Trusting again in my senses, as always, always trusting in a calm  path to walk.

Thank you dear friend, your words are treasure with no end.