My First Thought

You are my first thought in the morning
and the one that sees me off to rest,
every day is magical with you,
and every night without knowing
that you will wait for me in my dreams,
I know that I cannot fall asleep.

You know, it\'s because of you
that I\'m sorry that our lives don\'t last forever,
so that we can live all our dreams.

At the end, when we calm down in the embrace
and think that there is nothing left,
when we feel peace and freshness,
like the sounds of silence after the rain,
we smile at each other,
because we know that our dreams,
like the cosmos, have no end.

And, when I look at your eyes,
the stars against them lose their brightness,
when I look at your rosy lips,
I know that the roses next to them would be ashamed to bloom,
and only when the touch of your lips
awakens passion in me,
I know that my eruption of pleasure,
is not equal nor a volcano.

Those moments when you are in my arms,
and we just listen to each other breathe,
I know they are worth more than a million spoken words.
Your warm look says
that my address is under your skin
and I know that all those thoughts,
that appear in a nanosecond in my head,
and then disappear into infinity as if they were never there,
because I don\'t say them so as not to break the magic of silence,
cannot describe what you yourself feel
in my arms and see in my eyes.