Our Deep Love.

We still do not understand,

Our love is so strong,

We just cannot be apart

Even for a few hours,

We miss each other so much.

We have never known love like it,

I loved my wife of forty years

And loved her all that time.

The day she passed

She left her love behind for me,

And sadness was with me.

In time it healed and I moved on,

Then I met her, this lady,

This lady who changed my world

And love came back,

Came back for both of us.

We love each other so much

That we are lost in that love,

That new love for us both.

That love is so deep

And just saying ‘I love you’

Does not show that deepness,

That deepness of our love.

We still do not understand

But our love will go on,

Go on forever.