David Wakeling

Veronica says goodbye.

It was midnight and Veronica only wanted one thing!
She knew her scumbag of a husband was in bed
with the maid. She loaded her gun quickly.
She could put up with his drinking. She could tolerate his gambling.
But sleeping with the hired help. That was too much.
She reached the bedroom and carefully opened the door.
There were two people rolling around in the bed.
Of course one of them was Eric her husband but good Lord.
the girl was her older sister Marlene.
Veronica knew in that instant that someone must die.
She remembered the old swing were Marlene would play.
Veronica was sweating and shaking. She recalled all the
times Marlene helped her through the bad times. She was
like a Mother to Veronica.
Her sister was begging her to put the gun down,
Only seconds passed but the tension was palpable.
Finally Veronica turned the gun on herself. KABOOM!!