Invasion U.S.A.

Welcome to the United States
Death is what the intro machine gun exclaims
Chuck chopping waves over swamps
Wrestling an alligator with ropes
He\'s one man, alone, what can he do?
An armadillo playing while the chainsaw will chew
House disintegrated to cinders
Norris was a hero before the cinematic Avengers
Friend found dead
No rest and time for revenge instead
Beach invasion and a plotted takeover
Blown up family homes with a bazooka
This Russian villain is an evil motherfucker
Hunter against Rostov
Knife through a hand and cabinet
It never gets lifted back off
Do you have any ID?
Watch an impostor fall down in misery
It\'s a trap!
The fight isn\'t being scaled back
Wait until the final scene for a fatal glass smash