Eugene S.

Manifest (btfeu)

Being exactly what it is you have to be,
only because there is not a real choice.
Respect, yeah, something this world can\'t see
no matter how loud is its pitiful voice.

Totally free, are the fish in the sea
only because there\'s nothing else they can be.

Found, the paths, determined by a fruit tree
under which all of mankind did fall.
Counting the ways you could get to the sea
knowing everything, yet nothing at all.

Every road before you will be what will be -
virtuously, or not, will lead thee to naught.
Every path you see will not set you free
regardless of how religiously ... ye be.
Youth set aside, you should see clearly
the journey you\'ve determined for yourself.
Hidden, are the snares you could never see
in every line you could ever follow or flee.
Never again will a chance to repeat be,
given that you ate from the fruit tree.

Under the surface of the waves of the sea
perish the fish, and all else that cannot be.