Muse Gong

Pen Pals, by Muse Gong

Pen Pals

by Muse Gong


Those closely involved cannot see as clearly as those outside,

A pen pal is a mirror,

and his comments on your poetry peel off your veil,

and reveal your true form.


We learn from our peers.

Through mutual communication with pen pals,

we are broadening our horizons,

learning from each other\'s strengths and weaknesses.


Pen friends\' comments on your poetry are a breeding ground for your inspiration,

a catalyst for your imagination,

and a way to turn the surging poetry within you into words.


The praise from a pen pal is the best encouragement,

gaining confidence and courage from it.

Friends\' criticism of you makes your words refined,

clear in arguments.


Pen pals are your readers,

and the value of poetry lies in the audience.

The pen pals form a poetry community,

which is the overall environment for the growth of poets.


Direct and vivid communication is the only true essence of learning poetry.

Practice leads to true knowledge,

and we need pen pals and mentors.