I am everywhere

Pale formless  genders 

happy corpses 

Singing  your  asses .

Gloomy glossy monday ,

a rope in the rain coat 

awaits you for the family

hotspot hotchpotch  o\'clock .

I am everywhere  !

following you  anywhere ,

I am  your faithful shadow .

In your mouth my silences

spit drones  and clones 

that ripes hearts and souls appart !

I am the intellectual  maniac killer 

and litterary  Ottoman strangler ...

Entering the store I smash  

 candy porcelain dollars, 

by the lake  stabbing the empress...

In this lick and rubbish world,

I claim my right to hate whoever I want ! 

I know I\'ll end up in the jails of love,

tortured by awakened checkers  ...

    I am everywhere !

Warrior raver who hides 

a Totenkopf under  a david stern ,

eating  barbecued babies holocaust style ! 

The body in the trench objecting 

to the decomposed future ...

Humanity I  love your black beauty ,

soft velvet in solar nothingness ...

  I am everywhere ! 

You reject and follow me ,

in my name  you  kill ...

I shaked up the chessboard ,

forced  queens ,beheaded kings ! 

 Blood from the slaughterhouse

washing republic\'s pavement !

I am the shepherd who greets mary 

with a morning hard -on...

  May the fish in your belly be cursed !

 I am not healthy and holy spirit

  here and nil ,genius and mat !

      I am everywhere ...