Love and Light

So beautiful looked the future days,

each day shone with the golden rays.

The hearts had found a familiar space,

life seemed blessed in a divine grace.


Breath flows in a rhythmic trance

the dusk fades and the day yawns,

the world around is always in motion,

a heart beats oblivious of commotion.


Whether I stay in or roam outdoors.

as wave after wave hits ocean shores,

the wanting thoughts make a beeline,

and inspire the mind to sculpt a figurine.


Earth gets carved into many shapes

as rushing water flows through its gaps,

as blowing wind carves the rock stones,

a chill quietly shudders the bones.


Like the icicles vanish drop by drop

we all shall vanish as nature’s crop,

together, from the start to the end,

we’ll remember the time we spend.


Not afraid to love, not afraid to die,

trying to look fearsome fate in the eye,

Riding on rough waves in a stormy sea,

a diffident spirit is now fearless and free.


No matter how far away you remain,

you’re forever here in the heart’s domain.

Sweet pain’s sting is no longer a pain,

awaiting the time when we meet again.


Like humour is essential to entertain

so dearly the forests seek the rain.

Like the mountains seek the snow,

and all life awaits morning’s glow.


In some unique and natural ways I adore,

the way sailors rejoice on seeing the shore.

An insect is inspired to seek a flare bright,

and sunflowers move to face the sunlight.


Like the meandering rivers seek the sea

and for nectar so tirelessly roams a bee.

the poet strings the words in rhythm,

you are an inspiration like one of them.


Like a puzzle seeks its missing part,

an admirer misses one’s sweetheart.

The pain of longing, a bittersweet sting,

the yearning for joys, a wish could bring.


Trees grow tall, bearing fruits so fine,

to bless the earth with rain divine.

Clouds carry moisture on a long flight

Earth sustains us all with great delight.


\"How long?\" my heart whispers low,

fauna looks at the parched earth below,

the Papiha bird flies high for the rains,

this question endures and remains.


Way the flora rejoices in the rains,

farmers feel happy to reap the grains,

and the way glaciers celebrate the snow,

in these ways, hope seems to grow.


The like seeks alike is a cosmic essence

kindness prompts love\'s first sentence.

The future is a canvas vivid and bright

if the journey is guided by love and light.